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Thorpestone Walling

Thorpestone Walling is manufactured from precisely controlled mixtures of naturally occurring aggregates, Portland cement, premium admixtures and colourfast pigments. Manufactured by an established company, Costhorpe Building Products Ltd, it is designed to meet the needs of Architects, Builders and Landscape Designers. Thorpestone Walling combines the appeal of natural stone with the ease and economy of modern building materials.

Available in four standard colours, twelve co-ordinating sizes and three surface finishes, Thorpestone Walling can be used to complement or contrast with other building materials as required.All our products are manufactured on one site to ensure consistency of quality and colour.

Thorpestone’s strength makes it ideal for load-bearing applications and its use makes cavity wall construction a straightforward operation. The versatility of the product makes it suitable for a wide range of applications and it has been successfully used for commercial, industrial and housing projects. 

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