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Technical Information

Cement Efflorescence:

As with all reconstructed stone and cement-based products, the temporary phenomenon known as efflorescence is likely to occur. This causes a lightening of colour and is in no way detrimental to the product. This effect reduces over a period of time with natural weathering.

Water Absorption for Paving Products:

Mean water absorption is less than 4% when tested in accordance with BS 7263.

Handling and Storage:

Thorpestone Decorative Paving Slabs are supplied banded and shrink-wrapped on pallets for ease of handling. Pallets should be stored on flat ground and care should be taken if double stacked.
Slight scuffing of the paving’s surface may occur where two slabs touch together in transit. However, this is in no way detrimental to the performance of the paving slab and its appearance will reduce over a period of time with natural weathering.


To preserve the appearance of your paving slabs, occasional cleaning with water or a patio cleaner and a stiff brush is recommended. To avoid damage occurring, please follow the manufacturers instructions when undertaking tasks. The use of a pressurised jet washer is not recommended on Thorpestone Decorative Paving as this will false weather the stone and cause premature ageing.


It is important that all paving slabs are laid correctly in order to achieve the best result. An information sheet is available from your merchant, or direct from Costhorpe Building Products.

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