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Surface Finishes

The choice of surface finish can provide subtle differences to enhance the overall appearance of the completed project.

Thorpestone Walling is available in three distinctive faces: Split, Pitched and Rumbled allowing materials to be matched in both rural and urban areas.

All surfaces finishes are available in packs containing one size of stone only, manufactured nominally 100mm on bed.

Split faced Walling is the most popular finish for housing and landscaping projects. The craggy, rusticated appearance gives the feel of traditional walling and adds character to a building.
Split faced blocks can be further worked by mechanically having the edges chiselled away to produce a distinctive raised surface called Pitched faced.
By using another mechanised process, the blocks can be given a antiquated effect or a Rumbled surface finish. Rumbled walling is particularly suited to projects where a soft, rounded effect of weathered stone is required.

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